Sports Orthopaedics

Medical fitness tests
Orthopaedic Sports traumatology
Kinesio taping
Orthotics for specific sports
Shock wave therapy for chronic tendon and muscle problems
ACP - Therapy for acute/chronic tendon/muscle injuries or inflammation


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Joint Orthopaedics

Intra articular (knees, hips, shoulders, ankle joints) arthropscopy therapy   with Hyaluronic acid
Sonography of baby’s hips to rule out hip dysplasia .

Shock wave therapy for example for calcific tendinitis of the shoulder.

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Spinal Othopaedics

Screening examination to exclude scoliosis
multi module treatments for acute and chronic pain conditions

CT/X-ray -led injections in the spine in the case of serious pain.

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Acupuncture has for centuries been a proven therapy using needles for many conditions and is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Besides pain management therapy, acupuncture is used as an anti-addiction treatment (for instance for smoking, bulimia), for allergies as well as syndrome therapy.

Private health insurance in Germany only covers acupuncture for pain management therapy.

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Through mobilisation and impulse techniques blockages in both joints and the spine can be released and the accompanying conditions such as painful muscle tension, dizziness, tinnitus or paraesthesia can be improved or cured.

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Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESTW) had its origins in the treatment and destruction of kidney stones.  Only gradually was it discovered that the treatment could also be used to improve many conditions in the field of the musculoskeletal system.  This includes first and foremost calcific tendinitis of the shoulder, chronic tennis elbow, inflammation of the Achilles' tendon and calcaneal spur.  It is also highly effective in the case of therapy resistant muscle tensions, especially in the shoulder and neck region (myofascial pain syndrome).

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With yoga you can rebalance yourself after the stresses and strains of everyday life, helping you to relax your tense muscles in a natural way as an aid to relaxation.

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