Spinal Othopaedics

Spinal Othopaedics

Screening examination to exclude scoliosis
multi module treatments for acute and chronic pain conditions

CT/X-ray -led injections in the spine in the case of serious pain.

The human spine is a highly complex structure and its vertical orientation puts strain on the sensitive structures such as discs and facet joints.  Additional everyday strain such as bad posture at work, lack of movement or stress weakens the back muscles which are the body’s most important stabilisers, leading to the new common complaint of ‘back pain’.  These can appear in all parts of the spine (neck, chest and lower back) and are triggered by arthrosis of the facet joints, degeneration of the discs, slipped discs or muscular tensions.  Inherited or developed malformations of the spine like scoliosis or M. Scheuermann can worsen the above mentioned damage.

Physical examination in childhood and, if necessary, a radiological diagnosis can identify these defects and then physiotherapeutic measures employed to avoid a worsening of the condition.

In case of failure with soft therapies such as acupuncture, chirotherapy, neural therapy, anti-inflammatory and muscle tension relaxing medication either by infusion or orally and physiotherapy  so called minimal invasive injection therapies like a PRT

(Nerve root infiltration) or facet joint infiltration using X-ray or CT technology can be carried out in the state-of-the art radiology department of the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Kaiserswerth.