Joint Orthopaedics

Joint Orthopaedics

Intra articular (knees, hips, shoulders, ankle joints) arthropscopy therapy   with Hyaluronic acid
Sonography of baby’s hips to rule out hip dysplasia .

Shock wave therapy for example for calcific tendinitis of the shoulder.

Continuous progress in many areas of medical research has led to an ever increasing life expectancy.   Unfortunately, however, the human musculoskeletal system has not been able to keep up the pace with these developments.  While many malicious illnesses of the inner organs can be cured, wear and tear injuries on joints (such as arthrosis) as well as tendons, ligaments and muscles (such as ruptures or chronic inflammation) are increasing with old age and in many cases cannot be cured.  At best they can be eased.

In these situations the best options are conservative treatments such as acupuncture, neural therapies, intra articular injection therapies with Hyaluronic acid as well as physiotherapy treatments such as manual therapy and medical gymnastics.

In the case of chronic inflammation of synovial bursa, tendons or ligaments (tennis elbow, heel spur, Achilles' tendon and trochanteric bursitis), myofascial pain syndrome or calcific tendinitis of the shoulder the use of focused and radial shock wave therapy (ESTW) is a very effective therapy .

If conservative therapies are not successful well established operative techniques are available: endoprosthesis (artificial joints) of the larger joints or arthroscopy are performed by experienced consultants either as an out-patient or in hospital.